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Thursday, February 19


I'm used to the administration making stupid claims and then backing down from them a while later after the total nonsense of the earlier position became clear, but the most recent reversal is something to behold. 17 February 2004 3:28PM: "There is frankly no enthusiasm right now for sending in military or police forces to put down the violence that we are seeing," Powell told reporters. 19 February 2004 2:15PM: The Bush administration said Thursday it would send a military team to Haiti to assess the security of the U.S. Embassy there, but stressed that it is still looking for a political solution to the bloody uprising against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Not even 48 hours. HOO-AHH! This initial team is small, but the very fact that it's going indicates that there is enthusiasm for sending troops to Haiti to put down the violence. A political solution is absolutely preferrable to any foreign military involvement, but we've been down this road before in Haiti so can we please refrain from making blanket statements for the next few weeks?


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