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Tuesday, February 24

Was There Any Doubt?  

More on the rest of W's much anticipated stump speech last night later, but for the moment I'd like to highlight what is the core (indeed perhaps the total) of his re-election message to voters. An attempt to drape himself in the crushed bones and smoldering ash of the people killed on 9/11:
'None of us will ever forget that week when one era ended and another began. On September 14, 2001, I stood in the ruins of the Twin Towers. I remember a lot that day. Workers in hardhats were shouting, "Whatever it takes." One man pointed at me and said, "Don't let me down." As we all did that day, these men and women searching through the rubble took it personally. I took it personally. I've a responsibility that goes on. I will never relent in bringing justice to our enemies. I will defend America, whatever it takes.'
The full remarks are here (for some reason they're not on the White House site yet).


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