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Tuesday, February 1

Dean in at DNC?  

A lot of people wonder what the Republican party would look like if John McCain had a stronger role in shaping its message. Well, if Chris Bowers is correct, the Dems are about to find out what happens when the maverick outsider who fell off his horse on the road to Damascus gets the keys to the party. I'm an outspoken supporter of Dean for the DNC chair and I hope that some of my predictions about the DC bubble being popped come to fruition. With Dean at the helm I think we'll start winning some elections again and stop "taking it," as Al Franken so memorably said, on the party level. The insiders are already lining up to get a seat at the Dean table, and I sincerely hope I'm right that he's able to marginalize them. Dean's got a lot of political capital built up. And political capital is worth nothing if you don't spend it.



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