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Tuesday, February 22

Miracle on Ice  

25 years ago today was the Miracle on Ice. I was just over 3 at the time and yet it achieved iconic status for me as I grew up playing the game. In high school a friend of mine had a great poster that a gas station put out in 1980 to commemorate the game. I'm not sure if the bulk of the prose is original, but it really captures just how unbelievable the feat of beating the Soviet team was. Above the writing was the shot of Mike Ramsey (I think) with that look of total elation on his face.

Somewhere along the line we lost it. We stopped believing.

Then the kid next door won a gold medal.

The kid with the runny nose and milk money danced up to the tiger and spit in his eye.

And it's not an upset. Not a long shot, a darkhorse, or a David and Goliath.

It's a miracle.

It's America.

Welcome back.

It's really the only way to describe the magnitude of what those kids accomplished. This was one of the greatest mismatches in the history of sport. That Soviet team was manhandling NHL teams. A few weeks before the game, the Soviets had waxed the US team in an exhibition game at MSG. I've been a part of a lot of incredbile moments playing sports, and I can't imagine what it must have been like to be on the ice for that game.

Some people forget that this wasn't the gold medal game, this was the semi-final. The US still had to beat Finland in the final to win the gold. So how on earth do you motivate a team that's coming off the most impossible victory in the history of sport? Herb Brooks:

You lose this game and you'll take it to your fucking grave.

Your fucking grave.



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