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Wednesday, February 25


Perhaps Greenspan was sleeping for the entire 2000 Presidential campaign when Al Gore was derided by the media for his pledge that the surplusses be put in a lockbox to ensure the solvency of Social Security & Medicare.
There's something else at stake in this election that's even more important than economic progress. Simply put, it's our values. It's our responsibility to our loved ones, to our families. And to me, family values means honoring our fathers and mothers, teaching our children well, caring for the sick, respecting one another, giving people the power to achieve what they want for their families, putting both Social Security and Medicare in an iron-clad lockbox where the politicians can't touch them. To me, that kind of common sense is a family value. Hands off Medicare and Social Security trust fund money. I'll veto anything that spends it for anything other than Social Security and Medicare.
Why would Greenspan tell such a bold-faced lie as he did today?


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