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Monday, March 8

Rallying the Base  

Part of his early effort to preempt any unfavorable comparisons between himself and Al Gore in 2000, John Kerry addressed voting issues in Florida today.
"Remember, George Bush ran as the great uniter, and he's become the great divider," Kerry said. "You'd think that somebody, remembering what happened here in this great state, who was finally put in office by the Supreme Court of the United States, would actually recognize the divisions in this country and try to reach out."
Kerry's currently up in the Florida polls, and it appears that if he has his boot on Bush's neck in one area, he's not going to let up. Long way to go until November, but Kerry's making good on his promise to run non-stop until election day.
Responding to a voter who asked, "What can you do to prevent them from stealing the election again?", Kerry, a lawyer and former Massachusetts prosecutor, said his campaign was assembling a legal team to examine districts which had problems. "We're going to pre-check it, we're going to have the legal team in place. ... We're going to take injunctions where necessary ahead of time. We'll pre-challenge if necessary," the four-term Massachusetts senator said.
This will play well with anyone that was disappointed with how the Gore team handled the recount situation.


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