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Saturday, November 20

The Vineyard Kitchen  

Preparing for Thanksgiving. Jess and I can't eat an entire turkey by ourselves so we've decided to improvise a bit. We're taking two recipes from our new favorite book The Vineyard Kitchen in order to take advantage of the late fall local produce from the two farmer's markets we have access to. For the main course we're having sage-roasted chicken with sweet potatoes and cipollini onions, and for desert we're making our maiden voyage into pies with the heirloom apple pie. To start we're taking something from the new Cooking Light, the spinach-pear salad with mustard vinaigrette. We're also taking the recipe for our stuffing from the same issue. The herbed bread stuffing with mushrooms and sausage. Should be a pretty good meal all around. Oh, and for the rest of today we're going to be making a big batch of Nana's Tomato Sauce, from Vineyard Kitchen, so that we can stop spending money on the jarred stuff.


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