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Wednesday, February 2

Wilson Reduction  

Hear him! Matthew Yglesias on Woodrow Wilson:

Fundamentally, though, there are some very real similarities between the two. In my opinion, Wilson, despite the large role he plays in certain versions of Democratic Party automythology was a pretty fantastically terrible president. Like Bush, his policies abroad tended to be animated by worthy ideals, but they were persued in an incoherent and thoughtless manner with seriously bad consequences for the country and the world.

I should note that Wilson's loftiest ideal was Wilson himself. Wilson would be the greatest of peacemakers. Wilson would bring peace with his terrible swift sword and all would be grateful to Wilson. Wilson will get his country into that goddamned War to See Who's Feudal System Will Collapse First even if it takes 3 years and some of the most twisted logic ever uttered. For Wilson is the peacemaker and his 14 points shall end all conflict for all time. Even if he does get schooled at the peace table like a rookie in his first practice with the varisty. Wilson will be remembered, damn it, that's what matters.

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