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Wednesday, March 17

Accountability = Appeasement  

Dennis Hastert, the 3rd most powerful man in the US, thinks that a vote for accountability is a vote for appeasement. It's important to highlight why this particular piece of rhetoric is being floated from the right at this point. No one knows if al Qaeda will attack on US soil between now and election day. If they do, though, the men whose responsibility it is to ensure this doesn't happen don't want you to blame them. If you do, they say, you will be handing al Qaeda a victory. That is, if you hold our leaders accountable for their jobs, you are aiding terrorists in their ambition. The goal is to set up a situation whereby if the US is not attacked, the Republican leadership should be rewarded and if the US is attacked, the Republican leadership should be rewarded. They have done the bare minimum to secure our borders and punish our enemies since 9/11 and they are petrified that they will actually be held accountable for this. Thus they want to guilt, shame, or scare you into voting for them.


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