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Thursday, March 11

Beyond Parody  

It's just too easy: Kerry Not Sorry for Swipe at GOP Critics
3:10 PM -- As Republican congressional leaders criticized Kerry's proposals and called for him to stop name-calling and negative campaigning, Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., said they see Kerry as "Ted Kennedy on a South Beach diet."
Bush Unveils Negative Ads Vs. Kerry
4 PM -- Bush's toughest ad, titled "100 days," envisions Kerry's first three months in office. "John Kerry's plan: To pay for new government spending, raise taxes by at least $900 billion." "On the war on terror: Weaken the Patriot Act used to arrest terrorists and protect America. And he wanted to delay defending American until the United Nations approved."
As several other people have noted, there are 5 more months of this to go. Part of the law of unintended consequences, though, is that these attempts to label Kerry as a flip-flopper, big spender or other such nonsense has cause the blogosphere to start compiling the very real and very relevant flip-flops of W's that have had an effect on the health of the nation over the past 3 years. The best thus far are from Kos and Josh Marshall has two more here and here. Marshall also gets one for good measure from Senator Man on Dog.


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