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Friday, August 27

You Broke It, We Bought It  

Sam Rosenfeld at Tapped is far kinder than I. Alan Greenspan is a very smart man, but he is also a hack. His legacy is the very fiscal junk heap that he now decries as being the work of an overspending congress. I will not take advice from this charlatan as to how our country is to mend the very structural problems he engineered. Very bad things were set in motion in the early 80s and it will take a long time to fix them. Nothing could accelerate that process faster than the distinguished chairman retiring forthwith. This will never happen, of course, and it will take great moral and legislative effort over the next several years to stem the poisonous 'reforms' Uncle Alan now advocates until his term of service mercifully ends. If the General Welfare has survived until then we may yet ensure that every person who helps to make our country great is possessed of a secure and dignified retirement that is their due.


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